About us

Domestic and international iron and steel factories project services and spare parts manufacturing

Who are we?

Since 1999, it has been producing project services and spare parts to domestic and international iron and steel factories.

KRD Metal manufactures spare parts for steel mill, rolling mill and gas coating operations.

To be a solution partner to meet customer needs and expectations in a timely manner with our wide product range, to ensure customer satisfaction and to increase our competitiveness with our reliability in our sector;

- Focus on customer and society
- Innovative, scientific and holistic quality concept
- Productivity and efficiency
- Teamwork based on commitment and respect
- Devotion and empathy
- We attach importance to agreement, exchange and sharing policies.

Quality and
Environmental Policy

In the production phase of the Iron and Steel Industry, we try to fulfill the requirements of the standards of Quality and Environmental Management systems, to improve our environmental performance continuously and to live clean future generations. We're trying to leave a dime

Our mission

To produce iron and steel factories both domestic and international spare parts, to protect the environment and nature, to comply with the laws and regulations, taking responsibility together with all employees to do the job to the most appropriate standard in an economical and fast way.

Our Vision

Together with the new technologies, it is to develop projects for the Iron & Steel sector, which focuses on customer satisfaction with sustainable development, quality and manpower in national and international sectors.


As KRD Makina, we can benefit from our spare parts production for iron & steel industry:

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